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Creativity Myths, Decision Fatigue, and Gluten-Free Fanatics (Sunday Reads #10)


Welcome to Sunday Reads on Refocuser, a collection of weekly links from around the web to help you do incredible things.  These links span topics like creativity, performance, focus, exercise, nutrition, and positivity.

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On Creative Work

If you still think you couldn’t possibly be creative, the 5 Creativity Myths You Need to Stop Believing should help.

One of the most important thing you can do for lifelong learning & creativity is to read a lot.  According to Warren Buffett, knowledge builds up like compound interest and reading is the mechanism to enable it.  This article introduces the 10% Rule; a new system for reading more books on Amazon’s Kindle.

Omar Shahine tells us how to hit Inbox Zero every time you check your email.  I bounce at zero daily most days, but I haven’t tried this approach yet.

Children are natural born mindfulness practitioners.  So perhaps you could learn mindfulness by watching a child.

Great write-up on Farnham Street on Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset research.  If you’re a parent, you need to read this.  Everybody else should as well 😉

A short analysis of INTJ, a specific Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that I just happen to be.  “They tend to be both methodical and perfectionistic, and they have the drive to put their ideas into action and the persistence to realize their dreams.”  I’ll take that.  There are articles on other personality type indicators linked from that article as well.

Could your company have 9-5 hours, a full hour for lunch every day, 5-7 weeks of annual vacation, and zero email on nights and weekends… and still thrive?  Tony Schwartz believes so.

How to automate your life so you don’t suffer from decision fatigue on Mark’s Daily Apple: “The infinite freedom of endless options has degraded our ability to make good decisions and exercise self-control.”

On Fitness, Nutrition, and Sleep

The House of Cards characters have terrible sleep hygiene.  I can’t say I haven’t noticed this and commented on it more than a few times myself.  Imagine how much more effective they’d be as world leaders if they were well-rested!

Joining legions of other scientists, Bill Nye is changing his mind about GMOs.  Choice quote: “…scientists assess GMOs’ safety based not on whether they’re GMO, but on what their new genes actually do and the resulting changes in the plants.”

Gluten-free fanatics (myself included) may indeed be onto something.  This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed that intake of gluten in those without celiac disease or wheat allergy resulted in significantly increased abdominal bloating and pain, foggy mind, and depression.  That’s no joke.

Still struggling with back pain?  Here are 10 Short Daily Drills to Combat Back Pain.

Random Musings

Seven reasons why sleeping naked is good for you.

Mark Sisson covers Our Primal Fear of Dying – it’s well worth the read.  This, in particular, really resonates with me: “The lack of exposure to death can oddly make us fear it all the more, I think.”  This is one of Mark’s best posts.

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