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Success, Ambition, and Morning Routines (Sunday Reads #18)


Welcome to Sunday Reads on Refocuser, a collection of (mostly) weekly links from around the web to help you do incredible things.  These links span topics like creativity, performance, focus, exercise, nutrition, and positivity.  I’m posting this on Saturday this time to make sure email subscribers get this on Sunday.

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On Working Creatively

I found this post on LinkedIn by a fellow Amazonian to be particularly insightful about what the “secret to success” really is.  It’s not clear all of these are learned traits – but there isn’t a single one of them I disagree with.  Being tenacious, constantly observing and analyzing, having high integrity, and being predictable aren’t things you see on lists like these often enough.

Along those lines, the Six Habits of Ambitious People piles on.  One thing both articles have in common: you are the company you keep.

If you aren’t an active reader, and if you don’t read FAST, it’s going to be hard to be successful.

In How to Vacation Like It’s 1999, the benefits of disconnecting are discussed.  I’ve been doing this more and more (even on weekends) and it’s been a great complement to meditation, training, and healthy eating for hitting the reset button.

I’m a big believer in a consistent morning routine.  If your routine isn’t working, you may want to read about Why Your Morning Routine Isn’t Working.

Learn from the Stoics in “Controversial Exercise That Guarantees You’ll Have a Good Day“.

On Fueling Your Body

According to Your gut is telling you what to eat – and you’re not listening“, one of the easiest ways to fix your nutrition is to pay attention to “negative post-ingestive feedback” — or your body telling you that you’ve done it a disservice with the food you just ate.

I’ve recently started eating a lot more kimchi and fermented foods.  Given its natural probiotic qualities, it has tons of health benefits most people don’t realize.

Exercise doesn’t work for weight loss without the right nutrition.  The right nutrition without exercise will work, but the right exercise and the right nutrition works best.

Random Musings

A great, long read. “How you arrange the plot points of your life into a narrative can shape who you are—and is a fundamental part of being human.”

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Written by Mike Torres

August 29th, 2015 at 6:52 pm