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12 Goals: One Goal, Each Month, All Year

Twelve Goals (or 12 Goals) is a goal-setting program for beginners.  If you’ve never set goals before – or if you’ve tried and failed – Twelve Goals can help get you unstuck and on track to achievement.  There’s nothing magical or mystical about this process at all.  In fact, it’s downright boring and overly practical; you aren’t going to find any talk about magnetism, psychic powers, or the law of attraction.  What you’ll find is a systematic way to look at your personal goals over the course of a year, along with some step-by-step advice and accompanying tools to help you achieve them.

Twelve Goals is still very much a work in progress.  My hope is that the program will adapt and evolve over the course of 2010 based on feedback from you!  If you ever forget how to find these posts, they will be available at (or

The 12 Goals Program in Three Steps

Formula: Achievement = Vision * (Monthly Goals * (Positive Habits + Specific Tasks + Daily Monitoring))

The following links will take you through the 12 Goals program, starting with the intro and finishing with a set of tools – both online and offline – you can use to help you make the most progress.  The program was designed to be read in order (as it was written that way!) but feel free to jump around if you’d like.

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